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Venture Capital for the Rest of Us.

Clustr makes it easy for everyday people to invest in innovative startups and for new companies to raise the capital they need to succeed.


Sign-up as an investor to invest in a startup or as a company to make an offering for investment.


Answer some simple questions.

Our system holds your hand, asking you everything we need to know in order to help companies make offerings and investors make investments.


Stay updated.

We help companies stay on top of regular updates and keep investors informed about how their investments are performing.

Advanced performance metrics.

Tracking your investments has never been easier.

We provide advanced tools for regular people to monitor their investments in startups and see how their investments are doing.

When you invest in a startup company, you want to ensure that the company is hitting its milestones and that if it isn't, you don't lose your entire investment. That's why we've created ClustrTrac. With ClustrTrac offerings, we only release a specified portion of the funding to the company when the company reaches specified milestones. If the company fails entirely, no further funding is released and investments are returned to investors. You can keep track of these milestones on our platform.

We also keep track of future funding rounds and acquisitions. When a company you've invested in hits it big and is bought by Google, you definitely want to know about it - we keep investors updated so they know when it's time to cash in on their investments.

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